Best 11 High Profit Margin Business in India 2023

11 high profit margin business in india 2023

Top 11 High Profit Margin Business in India

Hello everyone to this article I am going to share with you 11 highly profitable business in india and I have limited my list to only 11 but this is not the end it is highly profitable because regardless of how much the entry is, the margin is always yours.

1. Paid Parking Lots

The first business ideas is parking spaces, if you have a plot near a famous place or a busy area, you have to convert the plot into a car parking space, if you can't do it like this, then at least put him on a billboard so that it becomes a source of income for you.

2. Poultry Farming or Small Animal Farming

Poultry farming or small animal farming

Second high profit margin business in india, idea is chicken or chick life talk, chicken very highly profitable or chick life talk hoga fishes or rabbit.

3. Drop Shipping

drop shipping

For the third number, drop shipping is your high profit margin business idea, there is no investment in it, the margin will be highly profitable, if you do marketing well, then profit is profit.

4. Services


The fourth number per business idea is services ab services. what all are you capable of, you can start a tailoring business, you can start a hair cutting business, you can do a painting business, you can become a fitness trainer, only these. You have to provide services at low cost and then there is margin.

5. Digital Product

digital product

At number five is digital product, now what is digital product. If a thing is made once and is sold again and again, it can have templates, it can have online courses, it can have E-Book and so on.

6. Become a Celebrity

Become a celebrity

If you want, make yourself a celebrity, create an online influencer, create an audience from which you can monetize, run ads, sell products in your place, create your digital audience.

7. Start Mini Factory

Start Mini Factory

Idea number 7 high profit business in India, you set up a mini factory, mini factory india is right now the best time to start, make your own factory if you want to set up a mini factory then you should also start a mini food business.

8. Dressing Business

dressing business

Selling shoes or clothes always has very high margins especially in ladies and kids categories.

9. Car Washing & Detailing

car washing & detailing

The second last idea is that you open a business of car washing or detailing, again labor is also going on, there is minimal setup in it and it can be done even on the shop.

10. Tourism Hospitality

10. Tourism Hospitality

Bharat rich culture india, It becomes an important place for saiya ho, opening a booking hotel opening a travel agency, or offering profitable travel ideas may result in higher profit margins, especially in the famous tourist place.

11. Become a Middle-man

In any business, you become a middleman, you become a contract manager, you become a real estate agent, someone else's client, but the profit will be yours, if you want to do your digital work, open an agency for something, that is, in terms of giving a social media management. Go to programmers, go to tech forever, less expenses, high margin and especially for this business, chances of loss in business are very less.


These were our recommended best 11 high profit margin business ideas in india, the rest which idea you have to actually use is up to you, all these are the best.
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