What is Youtube Automation

What is Youtube Automation

YouTube Automation, Yes you people must have heard this word many times Facebook on YouTube and all social networks so what exactly is YouTube Automation.

What is YouTube Automation?

So it is a simple task, I praise the automation, add it to YouTube, so that all your work gets automat, it is called YouTube automation.

What is youtube automation it means that all the work of YouTube has been done through automation, you are not doing anything, all the work is being done automatically.

But it is true that it also tells the truth and faceless YouTube channels, it comes in YouTube automation, CASHCOW YouTube channels, it also comes in YouTube automation, all this is in the name of thing, YouTube automation.

How can be YouTube automation meaning, the automation should be such that we do not have to work for anyone, the automation automatically reduces.

youtube automation

But if I am the owner, there is a team under me, they are doing the work, you have to look at me, what work they are doing, the automat means they are not doing it themselves.

  • I have to give ideas.
  • I have to hire a script writer for script writing.
  • I have to hire a video editor for video editing.
  • I have to hire a thumbnail designer.
  • I have to hire an uploader and a manager.

That means I have to hire the entire team, then my work. it will be automat

youtube automation meaning

Still when I want to see my work, it is not automated but it is called YouTube automation.

Now it has come to the fore that I am also single, you must be single, you don't have a team, you don't have money, you are completely new, the question is how can you do YouTube automation, 

This is why I have said this earlier that YouTube automation is not complete. The power of this is that you can do work with your team in an easier and better way.

How to do YouTube Automation

So if you are alone then how will you do YouTube Automation and do not even have money then you will have to do all the work yourself.

The most important thing is that you have to select the topic idea myself, then write the script myself, do the voice over myself, do the editing and thumbnail design myself and also do the video upload yourself, So it is called complete process of youtube automation.

All the processes from One to 10 should be done automatically either by your team or by YouTube automation.

Faceless YouTube Automation Channel

Faceless channel means your face will not be shown, voice over will be on that channel, they will generate script etc. As much as your writer team will be hired, if your editor's team will be hired.

If you have a complete team then all the work will be completed, only you will do monthly ranking check and growth check. You have to take this channel and check how many dollars have been made in this month.

This is called faceless channel cash cow YouTube automation, the name of the whole thing is one, the meaning of YouTube automation is to work on YouTube in such a way that you do not involve yourself, neither your face comes nor your voice comes, what is done is done in an automated way.

It means you are working with your team and then you have to do it, when you are alone then you can do it, if there is no investment then you have to do everything yourself, then it is not called automation.


I hope that the concept of YouTube automation is clear in this article. You will have got to know that what is YouTube in reality and how is it reduced, what is YouTube automation, if you are alone then this is for you people. There is no automation, you have to do it manually only when you have money to invest, then you can do it in an automated way by making your team hire.
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